Thursday, February 24, 2011


Things I miss the most about India (not necessarily in the order of priority)
  1. The food (and who doesn't!): But these are some things I particularly crave for - chaat from Ganesh Bhel/Bheleshwar, idli-chatni from Udupi, Sujata chi Mango mastani, Roadside A1 sandwiches and kachhi dabeli, lokhandachya kadhait banavleli kali matki, misal, spicy cheese chilly dosa, shrikhand, masal paav, indianized chinese, all kinds of mithai..
  2. Being able to talk to relatives and friends at normal times - I almost never manage to talk with my family aramat unless its a weekend.
  3. People on the road: It's so strange walking back from college and seeing very few people around - and yet I stay in Atlanta!
  4. Being able to drive a 2 wheeler. I miss my activa!
  5. Public transport: There's simply no way to reach the suburbs unless you have your own vehicle
  6. Being able to come back home as late as 10:30-11, peacefully. The less said about Atlanta in matters of safety, the better!
  7. The grocery store right down the road!

I might have missed a few more, but these are the ones at the top of my mind right now!